Duvet Covers

Purchasing the Right Duvet Covers

Duvet covers can be a considerable investment, so finding and purchasing the right bedding is an important part of decorating any bedroom. As expensive as duvet covers are, you should look around for brands and models that are known to last for many years. Duvet covers also range widely in style, making it important to choose a set that will match appropriately with the rest of your bedding. This short guide should provide you with a great start to finding the right duvet covers for your bedroom.

The first and most important aspect of choosing the correct duvet covers has to be the size of the covers. Without the right size of covers, you will be forced to return to the store. Fortunately for consumers, duvet covers follow along with the common bed size conventions. Duvet covers should clearly labeled as designed for twin, full, queen, or king size beds. The only strange aspect of duvet cover sizes is the fact that full and queen size beds usually work with the same size of duvet cover. An extra large set of dovet covers known as the California King is also made for the newer and larger king size beds seen lately on the market.

Once you have the size of the duvet covers selected, there is the slightly more bewildering world of syles to choose from. Although not quite as straightforward as choosing a size, manufacturers of duvet covers usually produce a wide range of styles that can match any general type of decor in the bedroom. Duvet covers come in all styles, from traditionaly floral prints and solid colors, to brighter colors and more playful patterns. It is important to match the duvet covers against the overall style of the room, most often determined by the curtains, wall art, and floor.

The material is also an important consideration when shopping around for duvet covers. Cotton is by far the most common choice, as it is relatively inexpensive and usually very comfortable. Cotton is also easy to sow patterns and designs into, and press colors into. Going with cotton is a solid choice that you can't really go wrong with. Cotton and polyster blends are usually very affordable, but may sometimes sacrifice comfort for the durability that polyster offers. The polyster will make the material wrinkle free, but at the same time, it will not allow the material to breathe as well.

Faux suede is a good alternative to cotton. Faux suede is fairly affordable, and comes available in just about any color imaginable. The material is also comfortable, and the polyster based fabric will hold up much longer than real suede will. Silk is another possible choice of material. Silk has been used for centuries as a luxury fabric, and this has not changed. Although expensive, silk provides a very comfortable feel, and has an elegant appearance that complements any room very well. Silk is a great choice if you do not mind spending a little extra on the purchase. If you can stomach the initial price, silk will not leave you disappointed.

Choosing duvet covers is not a difficult process, but just requires a little forethought. Be sure to pick up the right size, and to choose a style that complements your bedroom. Duvet covers come in all colors, with a huge variety of patterns and designs. Look around a little and you are sure to find a set that complements your bedroom perfectly.